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Such unique structure not found anywhere else in the FSU. At first glance it is difficult to define its genre affiliation: this is not a monument or building. Simply said, Cascade - it is a kind of decoration in the form of the original architectural composition.Reminiscent of a huge multi-tiered pyramid of Babylon the Great Cascade - a system of huge staircases, beautifully connecting in the low lying city center and residential area, located high in the mountains. All in all it looks like a spectacular modernist sculpture of gigantic proportions. Huge stair openings with fountains rising up the hill, crowned by an obelisk Restored Armenia.
Cascade Construction was started in the 70s, but never completed. Cascade unfinished. The plan must be top of the ladder rests against the observation deck of the Victory Park. But it is not enough to just 20 yards ... End-scale construction prevented the Karabakh war, then blockade of the city, etc.
Cascade is located in the beginning of the street name of the architect Tamanyan. At the foot of the Cascade is a monument to Tamanyan, leaning on his master plan.
And not far from the monument is a fun sculpture "Black Cat" of the famous South American painter and sculptor Fernando Botero.